Adeptus Arbites

Adeptus Arbites Emblem

"To Serve the Emperor. To protect His Domains. To judge and stand guard over His subjects. To carry the Emperor's Law to all worlds under His Blessed Protection. To pursue and punish those who trespassed against His Word. "

Oath sworn by Adeptus Arbites Cadets


While peace and order are maintained by local security forces under an Imperial Governor, the Arbites were formed primarily to enforce the strict doctrines of Imperial Law, leaving the enforcement of local laws to native agencies (usually under the close watch of the Arbites). In the utter state of lawlessness Malton exists in the Adeptus Arbites is tasked with the duty of hunting down those who disregard the lives of fellow survivors. Known in Imperial Law as Traitors and Heretics, the Judges of the Arbites hunt down such scum with relentless fervor.

  • The Adeptus Arbites is an application division that does not accept immaturity or heresy.


  • While on duty, you must remain mature
  • You must use only Arbiter weapons—Arbiter shotgun, Balos Launcher, Handcuffs, Stun Grenade, Lasgun
  • Always follow your orders to the greatest extent possible.

How To Join

  • To join the Adeptus Arbites, you must participate in a weekly tryout.

Handling a Lawbreaker