Imperial Law

[Section A] - Basic Law

  • Grammar is required unless due to certain problems
  • Team-Killing in unacceptable unless deemed accidental
  • Spawn-Killing in unacceptable under any circumstances
  • All military organization must respect eachother and avoid flaming

[Section B] - Conduct

  • All high ranking members must be treated with respect
  • All low ranking members must also be treated with respect unless being trained by a high rank
  • Absolutely no flaming fellow members
  • Spreading rumors is unacceptable
  • Begging for ranks will result in demotion
  • Favoritism ranking is unacceptable and will be treated harshly
  • Leaking classified information is unacceptable

[Section C] - Raiding Hospitality

  • Do not flame raiders or defenders of enemy/allied groups
  • Only speak in team chat when possible
  • Do not be a poor sport

[Section D] - Wall Use

  • Spamming is unacceptable
  • Flaming is unacceptable
  • Do not overflow the chat with unrelated topics
  • Encourage group communication

[Section E] - Punishment

  • Minor offenses will result in a warning
  • Moderate offenses will result in demotion
  • Major offenses will result in rank reset, exile, or divisional exile

[Section F] - Abusive Behavior

  • High ranks found abusing lower ranks with their status will result in disciplinary action
  • High ranks found utilizing administrative commands deemed inappropriate without permission will result in disciplinary action
  • High ranks found utilizing administrative commands outside of policing and debugging without permission during any event such as a raid will result in disciplinary action

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